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Scan your wavetables!

Post by cornutt » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:42 am

Last week, I was playing with the wavetable oscillator, which I have not done much with up to now. I had tried before to do some things with it, and it seemed like all I could get out of it was either organ-like sounds, or noise. Then it dawned on me: I needed to hear the full content of each wavetable first. So I routed an LFO to wavetable shape, selected a triangle waveform, set it for 50% modulation, and selected an extremely slow rate -- 0.07 Hz. Then I started stepping through the wavetables, one at a time, holding random chords and listening to it sweep through the table.

I was amazed! There's an incredible variety of things in there, and some really impressive sweeps and things you can do with slow (or manual) modulation. I spent hours and hours last week listening to all of the wavetables and building patches just based on wavetable sweeping. I wish I'd done this when I first got my Solaris. This may be old hat to those of you that have worked with a Prophet VS or a Wavestation, but I've never had my hands on either of those, so it's all new to me.

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