Hold option for sequencer

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Hold option for sequencer

Post by M-Prod » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:13 am

Hi there,

i found a workaround for the 'missing' hold function on the sequencer for monophonic sequences. I write 'missing' since it is per design that you can't hold it with the button since it's a gate sequencer (still like i would like to hold it, it's software so I guess it's possible).
Anyway i found a very simple workaround:
Set the sequencer mode to NG/NR that means it will not gate and will keep running in the background.
Set the Arp to a simple setting. Up, 1 octave. Now enable the Seq, Ap and Hold buttons.
Voila the arp runs the sequencer gate (well notes to be exact) and... the the hold works on the arp so essentially this enables a hold function on the sequencer. You should time your played notes, or else the arp and sequencer will syncopate. Another option is to set the arp to key step. I
It's not a perfect hold (you can hear the note you play in between and some unexpected syncopation happens when you don't time it will), but if played well it's a nice workaround with some added serendipity.

The Arp and Sequencer will co exist so play around with different settings. Eg settting the arp simply to octave 2 or more plays the sequencer in alternating octaves.

Oh and another cool thing is this gives you the option to 'change the gate length' since the arp has a length setting

Have fun!

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