NRPN automation within cubase

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NRPN automation within cubase

Post by akoasma » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:03 pm

Hello out there... i`m not an owner yet but hopefully receiving one in the next weeks :-)
I am aware of the problem of full parameter-automation within cubase (just the 5 freely assignable CCs can be automated via regular MIDI).
Since the lack of NRPN implementation of steinberg is mentioned several times in this forum and i haven`t found any workarounds in steinberg knowledge base - i called the steinberg support...
Their answer was the MIDI-DEVICE-PANEL
It seems that Cubase has a really powerful tool that can be found via the midi-device-manager.
(i am a cubase user myself ... but never used it)...
Besides the onboard-templates that come with cubase to control outboard gear, you can create custom-devices (including graphics like faders, knobs etc)
Concerning this topic i found that video:
The only thing is the usability... it seems not an easy thing to do ... especially when it comes to midi to nrpn transcription... i don`t really get it anyways :?:
but if there is anyone out there with the required knowledge and mood to create a solaris-template ... a lot of people (including myself) would surely appreciate it...
i think it`s a lot of work though....(so i for one would like to give a donation)

so the intention of this post is just to mention this custom-device tool...
if you out there know of any other workarounds or helpful information to this topic ...
please feel free to share your thoughts

wish you all creative energy and joy with your solaris

PS: This is another website i found (of older date but still...)

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