4 Parts 4 Dynamics

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4 Parts 4 Dynamics

Post by scope4live » Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:08 pm

This beast is a realtime performer, no doubt about it.
I have 1 part using the Jaws Oscillator, which when the Shape control uses 15-20% it gets wider and detuned.
Then a S+T ( Saw/Triangle ) for part 2.
Then 3 and 4 are VS + WT where I can Vector them to add detune.

I know most guys here are into the geeky stuff, and I am too.
But....think back to the song by Simply Red called " Don't Forget About Me."
I have the smooth analog sounding waveforms sounding warm on part 1+2.
I then can get that Metallic sound that had deep LFO Modulation that was in the songs chorus section, and all 4 Parts just sound so big. Each part has it's own Filter, VCA and Envelope.

A Truly amazing synth..
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