here's a simple fattening method (feedback)...

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here's a simple fattening method (feedback)...

Post by ScofieldKid » Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:23 am

One easy way to control the sound is have multiple oscillators into 1 mixer.
Then you can just use one filter. Then to make it fat, just put mixer1 as the
fourth input to the mixer. Instant massive fatness. Works really well.

[ I just noticed this is mentioned in the manual. :) I just got a bad case
of deja vu. :)] Boost on the VCA works pretty well for this also.
Manual also mentions using MOD WHEEL to control OSC LEVEL, at which
point you have the instant control on feedback level.

Then the obvious corrolary here is something like 4 X of this...
i.e. do it on osc1/mix1, osc2/mix2, osc3/mix3, osc4/mix4. Or to
do 3 OSC/MIXER/FILTER into mix1, then 1 feedback channel for the
whole lot of them.

Or yeah, Osc2/mix2, Osc3/mix3, Os4/mix4 all have feedback.
Then the inputs for Mix1 are Mix2, Mix3, Mix4 and feedback Mix1.
So feedback all the feedback. :)

Next stop... the Vibrato LFO menu. I'm going to disconnect the ModWhl from
that LFO (since I would never use it like that...) This should free up the ModWhl
to use at the controller for CC types of things. I.E. Envs and LoopEG.

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