musically compression for 32MB

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musically compression for 32MB

Post by darkshine75011 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:16 am

Solaris is as unique as my Emulator III (with true filter)
I expected of course the possibility of multi-sample course
Unfortunately, the limitation is 32MB

Why not use the non-destructive compression to the sample or not ?

look at what the creator of Emulator II creates
a musically compression :
"This form of compression takes advantage of the fact that most audio has most of its energy in the lower frequencies. The distortion at low frequencies is extremely low - as you say its better than 12 bits, when below 1kHz at a 48kHz sample rate, and very low frequencies can approach 16 bit quality. And it turns out that most instruments that have lots of high frequency energy, things like cymbals, are pretty forgiving when it comes to distortion." could use it as gracefully like waldorf

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