Pedal, Naming, EG6, Reset Values, Wave Modulation, Shape

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Pedal, Naming, EG6, Reset Values, Wave Modulation, Shape

Post by Oehi » Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:39 pm

Hi all,
I have this fantastic instrument for a couple of weeks. And of course beside of mentioned requests (reverb, latch for sequencer) there are a couple of wishes for a next OS:

0. Having a global setting for the expression pedal and foot switches as an alternative to the patch specific settings. This would make it easy e.g. to assign the expression pedal to control the volume for all sounds without having to change each patch.
1. Insert and delete button for characters when naming patches
2. the ability to switch off EG6 as modulation of the VCAs - would bring more variance in term of time to multi layered sounds
3. Easy way of set a value to zero, e.g. selecting the value and twice press shift. NB: would prefer stepped encoders for easier value entry, which I think was an option once.
4. In the oscillator section using Wave as a modulation destination
5. When using WAV files, having the parameter "shape" as start point selection of the sample

Cheers, Werner

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