Individual MIDI channels for Oscillators & sequencers

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Individual MIDI channels for Oscillators & sequencers

Post by amongstmyselves » Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:48 pm

Hi John,

Still having fun with my Solaris.

1) Just playing around today with doing some external sequencing. And thought came to me that it would be nice if I could control each of the four oscillators separately via MIDI. Thoughts were simply to have a midi starting channel eg: 4 and this would be assigned to osc1 and osc2 would have 5 etc.

I do understand that I could assign each of the sequencers to each of the oscillators. The MIDI sync issue affects me with this at the moment BUT I still think the external sequencing function would be nice.

2) I understand that seq1 controls the other sequencers. It would be nice to have their own divisors and not use the same as seq1. BUG - also noticed that if I change the Division on seq2 it changes seq1 ?

Keep up the wonderful works.

Steve Roberts.

John Bowen
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Re: Individual MIDI channels for Oscillators & sequencers

Post by John Bowen » Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:31 pm

Hi Steve,

1) The thing is, MIDI channels are a per voice thing, and the way it works, all oscillators (and filters and everything else except the final FX) are done on a per voice basis, so there's really no way to have MIDI control over individual oscs (I assume you are thinking of tuning, mainly).

2) On my Solaris plug-in for Scope, each sequence row has separate divisors and separate pattern lengths. I had forgotten about this - perhaps Jim can add these changes, but I'm not sure. I will ask. Right now there is only the one Master Division setting, so it's not a bug that you see.

john b.

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