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Re: Developer Fund *fairness*

Post by galaxiesmerge » Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:39 pm

For those who do not pay, charge for the "upgrade" a modest amount. This will determine who wants the upgrade and it will put money back into the process so the rest of us can benefit. Not everyone can pay upfront. But some can pay after its all done. I'm sure some of the things like FM synthesis (especially being able to clone some of the Synergy or Synclavier type voices) would be superb!
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Re: Developer Fund

Post by kalaspace » Wed May 02, 2018 8:21 am

my perception
(after having published more than 180 presets)

-display of joystick coordinate x y in real time
i think it is cheap to do,
the help provides by this one can save lot of search time.
i think it can be done for mod wheel pitch wheel and ruban too.
option : record joystick moves to get an egxy curve

-phase modulation (like the famous yamaha ...)
an urgence :)

-unison voice number assignable as a modulation source
(example : you have 8 unisons voice, numbered from 1 to 8,
and you want to modulate filter cut off with an amount of +x (x=3)
voice number 1 will have 1 * 3 = +3
2 2 * 3 = +6
3 3 * 3 = +9
if it is easy to code, it can be a killer feature
(with this "feature" voice number can be assigned to different vca,
you can provide odds/even as modulation source too)

-reverb : i understand those who don't want one
but everyone don't have a reverb unit,
and it is potentiel artistic expression in a preset
i think a freeverb implementation is not over complicated
( in 96khz 32 bits, wouldn't it be lushy ? :) )
i often feel to frustrated to only use delay.

-multi timbral : i think it will cost a lot ...
and you can already do this with keymap
maybe there is something more clever to do
with arp<->keymap first
and then multiplying the arp (like having 4 independant)
and last provide some option for arp+seq cumulation modes
(mainly with seq as a gate) in order to preserve polyphony

-next step is clever wave offset (to have serum like feature)
(i think very heavy to code)

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Re: Developer Fund

Post by stratocraig » Sun May 13, 2018 6:38 am

Any updates on this? Have 200 dinero currently burning a hole in my pocket :)

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Re: Developer Fund

Post by chapolin » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:31 pm

After thinking about it I am ready for 500€ for a multi-timbral update. If I can have 2 Solaris, it is not expensive.
I don't know how many others users can give something, how many we can give and how many money the update need ?
I think that time goes by ... and if we do nothing, the goods chances to have something decrease.
If I understand well we had lost the dsp developer ? But maybe we can go to meet another one with the global money offer by the voluntary users ?

Sorry maybe I am far of the reality of this update work ... I just try to understand and I dream with a multi-timbral Solaris.

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Re: Developer Fund

Post by John Bowen » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:13 am

We have done some preliminary exploration into multimode capability. Right now I can verify that we are able to load a different preset into each DSP. Next is designing a new object structure that contains all of the required parameters for a useful MultiMode. It will be a lot of work.

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