Day Off With Solaris.......

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Day Off With Solaris.......

Post by scope4live » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:33 pm

Doesn't anyone have as much fun as I do with this incredible synth......?
I mean I use this live and it cuts through using 48k and every FOH that has heard it says it's the best sounding synthesizer they have mixed.
I run a sequence during a sound check and let the band play on as I go and check the house.
I wish I had a camera.
Anyways, FOH guys always like the way I have my effects set, but everynow and then somebodys' really picky and wants to get creative, so I let this old timer use this ancient Teac 4 track Reel2Reel to make some Delays on my lead stuff.
Usually I have the SE-1 and Solaris swapping Bass & Lead Parts as they are definately partners, and using digital vrs. analog arguements are meaningless with this kind of quality in sound, but I hear a DAT recording as I said this guy looks like Rumplestiltskin and is really old school.
I was shocked at good SOlaris and SE-1 sound together.
I take them home after the gig to practice and I can't get the same quality this guy got using his Reel2Reel, but none the less,
I have the day off and just wanted to thank JBowen and company again for such an intoxicatuing synth,
Maybe these other chaps here have overdosed and there'll big a Solaris sell off.
But seriously if you arenlt using this beast everyday in peformance or just tweaking, you are not having as much fin as I am....

Cheery-O Mates.
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