New SamplePool extraction app

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New SamplePool extraction app

Post by John Bowen » Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:39 am

I've just received a beta version from Subliminal Effect of his new SamplePool editor for the Solaris. Here's the deal:

If you have .wav files that you want to be able to load into your Solaris, you have to produce 2 things: a text file that provides a list of the samples that will be loaded into memory, and the samples themselves, but in .raw format. This editor does both for you quickly and easily. It produces a valid SamplePool text file, with the Name taken from the first sample in the group. All of the important info (sample length, tuning, loop start/stop, etc.) is extracted from the .wav file header, and used to created the text file. Then the raw sample data (that is the data without all of this header info) is created for loading into your Solaris. Also, your original .wav file is maintained, so you do not lose it.

The new SamplePool.txt file and .raw version of the sample is created in the same place (folder) as the .wav file. At the moment, the beta version is only processing one sample at a time, but the intention is to have it also work on a collection of samples arranged by folder (this means you can select a folder instead of a sample, and the software will automatically produce a comet SamplePool text file listing all samples). At the moment, the beta version does create the text file, but not the .raw samples. I expect he will fix this before it's officially released.

I will post news when the official version of this free editor will be available. (Note also that Subliminal Effect has already created 2 free apps to allow naming of presets from your computer and produce a Bank listing of presets.)

For more info, please go to the SubliminalEffect Website:

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