Solaris emulating Korg Wavestation

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Damo Diggler
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Solaris emulating Korg Wavestation

Post by Damo Diggler » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:28 pm

Hi John,

I guess you're the best person to ask this query to...

There have been a few "atmospherics" that have 'haunted' me for years... I recently identified both of them from being from your Korg Wavestation: "Guardians", "Wave Song" and a couple of others.

So my question is 'Are those wave tables in the Solaris the same as what the Korg Wavestation had, and can the Solaris manipulate the timing of the intervals in the same way?' ..I guess I would really like to imitate those sounds and a couple of other 'stand-outs' form the Korg Wavestation as faithfully as possible on the Solaris."

Best regards,


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