Info needed to create text file from raw files

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Info needed to create text file from raw files

Post by francois » Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:50 am

There is no problem understanding how to create a samplepool.txt file. However, the problem is to know what to use to find the values required.

In all my years of sampling, I've never had to specify these values myself. You load a wav/raw and the sampler does the rest.

So when you look at the values such as:

samplelength = 40628
loopstart = 39628
loopend = 40628
rootkey = 83
finetune = 0

I'm wondering what program can be used to obtain these. John tells me that Translator from Chickensys can take a bunch of samples and create the text file required. Fair enough, but Translator is not a cheap program. Not cheap either, but would apps like WaveLab and Sound Forge give you these parameters? Or perhaps ReCycle, which is being updated to version 2.2 and 64-bit?

If anybody knows of a utility/app that can display the above parameters, please report your findings here. Thanks.
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Re: Info needed to create text file from raw files

Post by chapolin » Thu Oct 22, 2015 10:07 am


7 years after I answer ! samplelength can be found in musics editors softwares by setting in the preferences the time format. For example with Mhwaveedit under linux, just go in edition, preference , other, time format , samples. In the principal windows, select all your sample and read the number of the selection ...

Ps sorry for my bad english, I work on it :mrgreen:

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