Just pulled the trigger on Solaris

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Just pulled the trigger on Solaris

Post by jimjacobsen »

I have been "haunted" by the sound of this synth since I discovered it online. Finally got the cajones to make the deposit. In for a penny, in for 4k...
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Re: Just pulled the trigger on Solaris

Post by jgale »

Congratulations and welcome. Had mine for about a year now. Just so you know, even after you own it, the sound will continue to haunt you... :D

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Re: Just pulled the trigger on Solaris

Post by Tonefloat16 »

Hello, just ordered my Solaris as well about a month ago. I'm really looking forward to it arriving and diving back into synth programming again. The Solaris ticked many boxes for me especially the Waldorf wave tables, sample playback, audio inputs w/Rotor functionality, several filter emulations and what seems like an endless modulation routing matrix. Saw the Solaris at NAMM years ago and thought that would be cool but finally took the plunge and ordered one (black w/lighted wheels). Out of all the audio demos on-line it was the Event Horizon patches that influenced me the most, really great patches there!!
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