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Aesthetic suggestion...

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:56 pm
by serena-5
Hello John...With all of the technical and software questions that you have fielded in the developement of the Solaris, I would like to throw you a curveball in a different direction. When I was at NAMM, I was looking at the Solaris, and something caught my eye. I am a longtime Virus keyboard owner, and something that always bugged me is the way the the sheetmetal at the low end of the keyboard (between the wheels and the keyboard) was fabricated and bent so to try and close gaps. As I was leaving NAMM, I walked by the Access booth to see the new Virus TI2 keyboard...and lo and behold, they found a way to resolve it, making it look great at the same time. It looks like they took thick piece (maybe 1/8-1/4") of polished aluminum, and have placed it between the "modulation box" and the keyboard, as well as placing another sheet between the wooden end pieces and the body of the synth. I know it's probably too late...maybe not...but possibly worth consideration, as it would eliminate annoying gaps to the anal eye such as mine...and it looks great. Please take a look at the new Access Virus TI2, and see what I am refering to...thanks. Alan (#42)

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:25 am
by John Bowen
Hi Alan,

Yes, we use the same case makers as Virus, so they should know it well!
But for Solaris, they already designed a piece that goes in there to block the 'view' inside....but we will discuss this more when we meet with them again next week. (I have a feeling we can't have the same look as Virus though...)
-john b.