Global INIT file

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Global INIT file

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This is a clean version of the global init file. It is located in your Factory folder, and is properly called, 'glo.ini'.

If you have been seeing strange behavior with Legato Mode: Reassign, then you have a corrupted glo.ini file, and need to download and install this one.

Be aware that this will reset all of your System page and MIDI settings, as well as your Polarity settings for the foot pedals, you will need to resave these after installing this new file.

The global init file is saved when you are on the System page, and you turn the rightmost knob for the top row (graphics display), where the parameter 'Save' is showing 'Off'. Once you turn the knob, the Enter light will blink, and the display changes to 'Active'. You then press Enter to save it to the CF card.
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