Two minor things with sample loading

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Two minor things with sample loading

Post by cornutt »

Now that I'm finally start to play with building and loading sample pools, I've noticed two minor things:

* There is an off-by-one between the sample indexes in a SamplePool file, and the wave number displayed in Oscillators window. Wave 0 in the window is sample index 1 in the file, etc. Not a big deal but a little confusing.

* When you select a wave in the Oscillators window, it is supposed to show the name of the sample in the message area at the bottom of the graphics window. But when the first waveform (#0 / sample index 1) is selected, it shows blank. For all others, it shows the name. I get this behavior both with the factory SamplePools and with the one I built.

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Re: Two minor things with sample loading

Post by John Bowen »

Thanks for reporting - yes, both these are on the list. The ‘off-by-one’ affects a couple of areas. I remember when we were first discussing the Waldorf tables that we needed to shift things, and there were a couple of others, as you point out.

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