rnd tune no effect on a preset

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rnd tune no effect on a preset

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I have a single preset where the rndtune has no effect. It was the CS80 template i made (thanks to nathan). On all the other presets is works fine. Is there a setting that 'prevents' the rndtune to work? I tried to turn back all crazy routings and modulations but still no rndtune.
And the really strange thing is.. there is some rnd tune in the preset present. Even when rndtune is set to zero and no other modulation is present...
it's preset 1 in my bank 11, that can be found here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pwvsq2kreciq ... 1.zip?dl=0
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Re: rnd tune no effect on a preset

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Keep in mind that there is a global RndTune in the System section and also a per-preset RndTune in the Home section. If the per-preset is set to a value, that's the value that takes precedence. If the per-preset value is set to Global, then the current global value is used. If you have been trying to set RndTune by the global value, then that could explain the behavior you're seeing. (Your preset does have the per-preset RndTune set to 15.)
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