Empty patch in bank 10 freezes Solaris

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Empty patch in bank 10 freezes Solaris

Post by gilesjuk »

Hi all,

A small bug report (I'm on 1.4.0 OS):

When I select an empty patch in Bank 10 I get a load error, but after I then select a non-empty patch the Solaris freezes and I have to reboot.

I guess its possible something isn't right on my CF card, but I don't think I've done all that much with it TBH.

I recorded a little (unlisted youtube) video to illustrate.

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Re: Empty patch in bank 10 freezes Solaris

Post by minorguy »

Thanks for the video. I've tried this using versions 1.4.0 and also and I'm not yet able to reproduce it. Does it happen no matter which non-empty patch you try to load?

How about anyone else? Can you reproduce it?
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