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more modulation destinations

Post by Zahush76 »

There are numerous options on Solaris, no doubt. And perhaps i've missed something - but is it possible to modlate the effects (not the insert fx). For example modulating the delay rate (like on dsi synths), or chorus rate or depth, etc etc?

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Re: more modulation destinations

Post by John Bowen »

No, it's not possible. The modulation is done in the "polyphonic section" of the synth, and the final FX are done in a separate DSP at the end of the signal chain, which is outisde of the polyphonic section - so none of the modulation sources are available to this FX chip. (This is something I brought up early on, but it seems the only thing that can be done is to add additional independent LFOs/ADSRs to the FX section, so they would have their own mod sources. However, I am not clear on what problems there might be bringing in a MIDI clock signal to sync these.)

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Re: more modulation destinations

Post by Neil »

A level of effect modulation would be very useful!
I read on another thread of a request for filtering on the delay which would also be superb - now if the filter had resonance like the Ohmboyz delay it would be mega fantastic!!

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