Fix voice allocation, add non-gated mode, LFO->EG trigger

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Fix voice allocation, add non-gated mode, LFO->EG trigger

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Among other things I would like to see

- "slop" setting. It would be nice if this didn't just randomly fine-adjust the VCO frequency with each keypress, but actually emulate each oscillator slowly drifting (like each osc has its own extremely-low-frequency LFO or something)

- fix polyphonic voice allocation. I am hoping for the intelligent mono/poly "Sustain II" mode found on CS-80, which is the most musically useful allocation algorithm ever created IMHO. Arturia actually managed to get it right on the CS80V, but messed it up in the Origin.

- allow limiting the number of voices. For long-release pads it is sometimes beautiful to have it behave like a Prophet-5, the way it steals the voices in a legato/seamless fashion

- for MM and SSM filters it would be nice if the volume slightly increased when resonance is turned all the way to 0, like on the original Prophets

- (if not implemented already) Soft clipping (option?) at the output stages

- allow a mode in which no keys need to be held down in order for the sequencer (and other things) to work

- (related to above) allow triggering of EG's by things like LFOs - would make Solaris alot more "modular". free-running patches where things are being triggered at different intervals by god-knows-what

- Make navigating between presets more snappy (incl. main display) and better patch name entry (Arturia Origin's keypad doubles as an alphanumeric name-entry keypad)

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