More modulation sources for EG parameters

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More modulation sources for EG parameters

Post by christeck »

I miss a couple of modulation sources for the EGs. Examples:
- The sustain slope is a great parameter, but it immediately falls down after reaching its maximum value instead of remaining there. I thus wanted to modulate it by a slow triangle LFO (or maybe an other EG), but both aren't there.
- On another sound I wanted to add to the attack some value by a front panel button, but it isn't there either.
- Or a S&H LFO at minimum speed, to add some randomness.
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Re: More modulation sources for EG parameters

Post by John Bowen »

Yes. there is a bug in the Sustain Slope in not staying on maximum. It was on the list long ago, but Klaus never got back to it.
Also, I had additional sources listed to modulate the EG segments, and hopefully these will all get extended at some point.
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Re: More modulation sources for EG parameters

Post by JoPo »

I don't know if the sustain slope issue has been fixed but I don't get the sustain slope concept clearly.

I modulate a filter with EG 1 but I felt the attac was not enough exponential. But when I increased the attac exp parameter, it seems to increase fast, then slow down. But to me, exponential is the opposit : increase slowly, then accelerate to finish almost vertically.
The best would be to have exponential 0 -> 127 and logarythmic 0 --> -127... But...

So, I tried the sustain slope to see if it would help. But the EG1 sustain was = 0 and the sustain slope was obviouly no effect, so I turned it on 127 and then the sustain slope seems to act like a decay phase but not in the way I wished.

I don't know if there is any but a shape design of the envelope with the sustain slope at - 5s, for instance and another one at +5s would be explicit, I believe. Is there any link to some pictures ?
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