ENV6 disconnect from VCA

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ENV6 disconnect from VCA

Post by Oehi »

I would really love, if the ENV6 could be disconnected from the VCA. This would make it easier to create multi timbral sounds with different over all sound behavior for each sound. Of course you can do this somehow even now but it is a little complicated since you have to keep in mind the over all envelope made with ENV6. If ENV6 could be disconnected, it would be easy to use a different ENV independently for each VCA.
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Re: ENV6 disconnect from VCA

Post by John Bowen »

Yes, this is not possible, as I explain elsewhere in the Forum. For the voice handler to function, there needs to be a final VCA applied to all the voices, and so you have to use one of the EGs to control this, so we made it ENV6’s job.

You just have to make sure the time values for ENV6 encompass all of the other EGs that you are using for the other VCAs.

Better to have a true MultiMode, which is still in the plan.
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