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LFO Extensions

Post by Oehi »

I would love to have some extensions to the LFOs. E.g.
- or a symmetry parameter (to be modulated) to e.g. shift from ramp to triangle to saw
- further shapes (e.g. from wavetables)
- synchronization to other LFOs, to e.g. have a S&H effect on the filter cutoff exactly at the same point as the vibrato (currently you only can do this by synchronizing to midi)
- Feed S&H by different sources (noise, other LFO, etc.) to not creating random patterns but repeated patterns.

John Bowen
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Re: LFO Extensions

Post by John Bowen »

Good suggestions! Don’t forget you can use any of the Oscillators as LFOs as well - and you can get some pretty unusual modulations this way by using one of the Waldorf wavetables!

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