Heretic - Korg Kronos played by Jordan Rudess and Marco Parisi at Messe 2015

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Heretic - Korg Kronos played by Jordan Rudess and Marco Parisi at Messe 2015

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Well, it's not a Solaris, but it's of great joy and pleasure to see two pros in action:

I like the hardware of the Solaris. There's no other synth I know of that makes programming that straightforward.

I see two minor points of possible improvement:

* Rastered encoders. John already has stated that this was a design decision. I often struggle with them, though. Maybe making them delay at a value of »0« at bipolar parameters (oscillator pitch, mixer values etc.) could help software wise.
* Pitch and modulation wheel modifications. Firstly, both have smooth surfaces, which makes fine control difficult. Secondly, I'd like to see them doubled by some lever or joystick controller. Watch respectively listen to the video. The lead sounds come to life much by the use of the joystick. You won't be able to achieve this by wheels IMHO. My elderly Roland A-50 Master keyboard has it doubled as has the new Roland JD-XA.

As mentioned above, this is a minor issue IMO. Still my top request is a distortion/overdrive effect in the global effects section. That feature boosts the sound of the Korg Z1, the Access Virus, and would do so for the Solaris.

I hope you enjoy the video. Just filter out the advertising of the Kronos and the additionally available libraries :) .

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