A few requests/suggestions

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A few requests/suggestions

Post by Endymion »

Hi! I'm sure there are some that have already been requested but I just thought I'd submit my list of most desired features.

1. Remote Software

By that I mean an Access Virus style VST integration. I don't know if the hardware permits...but there's nothing better to me for productivity than having a software interface with parameters laid out clearly.
By Access Virus VST integration I mean not simply a VST editor of the likes of Soundtower editors for the Dave Smith stuff or even the Vyzex Editor for the M-Audio Venom; but the audio being output through the USB port/within the Daw's VST channel (ie a VST instrument track in Cubase) as if it was a VST synth.
I absolutely love the interface of the solaris. The knobs, screens and menus are an absolute pleasure to work with, but I think this would help greatly in engineering sounds with precision and making use of the extensive feature set the solaris brings to the table.

2. More elaborate Jaws section

I'm a big fan of the Ti2, and while it has a hypersaw and the solaris a supersaw, I do not want the Solaris to simply be able to do the same as the Ti2 or to replace it but add something new to the table.

Perhaps making the "Jaws" an oscillator section in itself where there would be a multitude of parameters/waves specifically for those elaborate detuned sounds. IE : different saw waves being layered and detuned (7 minimoog waves, 7 cem waves...etc). Maybe 7 squares? or being able to reduce the relative amplitude of the additional 6 waves to the main one tuned to pitch and to select the number of waves instead of it being locked to 7. I don't know how that would affect the voicing...but I think it would be interesting to have that as a possibility.

Or perhaps a "supersquare" with two shape-like parameters, one that would modulate the pulse width of the 7waves and the other that would detune them from eachother.

These are simply suggestions but really anything that would elaborate that section (Jaws/Supersaw/Hypersaw) of the Solaris is welcome.

3. Slop

Enough said

4. A distortion FX set.

Overdrive, Clipping (Asymmetrical), Digital distortion, Rectification, ... the more the better!

5. Reverb

Being more of a producer than a performer...this one doesn't matter much to me as I most likely would end up using a pre-engineered patch from my favorite reverb units, but nonetheless it would be interesting to have that to get sounds going quickly and perhaps getting new textures.

6. The addition of the Destination "Phase" in the oscillator mod section.


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