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Re: Developer Fund Update - Important!

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Dark Horseman wrote: Sun Dec 13, 2020 11:55 pm A couple features that I feel are important:

1. A function or functions that can offset parameters per voice such as pitch, envelopes, filter, etc. Basically, what Sequential did with the new Prophet 5/10 and the “Vintage” knob. It would give the Solaris a way to sound organic instead of being “perfect” all the time, and it’s something I’ve wanted for it for a long time.

2. An analog-sounding drive at the oscillator mixer level. Currently there is the Boost function but it seems to be not be in the optimal place in the signal path — it seems to be post-filter, maybe at the VCA level? I think Boost was modeled after that in the Minimoog, right? But isn’t part of the Minimoog magic the ability for the oscillator levels to cause overdrive? In any case, my feature request is either have the ability for the oscillator levels to overdrive the filter or just the signal in general, move the Boost function to the pre-filter/mixer level in the signal chain, or develop another or multiple types of overdrive/tube/clipping effect(s) at the mixer level.
Thanks for your input!

For #1, the plan is to have one or more random sources added to the modulation Source List, so you can assign them to any destination. At the moment, there is only the random pitch offset that can be set per preset or globally. This is not handled at the DSP level (only as pitch offsets to the MIDI note played.)

For #2, yes, the Boost function came for the OTA circuit of the Moog filter, and we decided to separate that out for use with the other filters, but I agree it would be good to add some new Insert FX with overdrive/tube/clipping effects.

For both of these, it will require hiring a DSP coder with the planned development funds.
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Re: Developer Fund Update - Important!

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Thanks John!
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