Ganging Performance Controllers

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Ganging Performance Controllers

Post by John Bowen »

Something that I had hoped we could have was to be able to connect more than one parameter to a knob at a time, so that I could have a Performance knob move several filter cutoffs together, while retaining their relationship to each other. This is something that we never had in the Scope system, and so I had hoped to change that - but I guess there’s more to it than I thought, as the coders were very reluctant to make that happen. (I had another filter parameter called ‘Link' to handle this between filter cutoffs, but decided against that, at least for now.)

What we did agree on was to have the ability to run multiple of the same object from the one set of knobs for that object - but this did not get implemented (yet). Here’s the idea:

Say you want to control the speed of all for LFOs together - simply hold down simultaneously the four LFO Select buttons for a couple of seconds, then let go, and you have all of them lit, and turning any of the LFO parameter knobs would affect all 4 LFOs. We can do this for any of the objects with the 2 x 40 displays.
To disengage, just press one of the object Select buttons, thereby canceling any others selected.

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Re: Ganging Performance Controllers

Post by scope4live »

Im feverish for that.
But in all honesty, I have a Scope device that does exactly that and can have it set up in my project window to control LFO rates on multiple Modular patches and synths.
I will try it on Solaris but I can't see it lokking at the 4 different parts as 4 seperate synths, but it could easily control the rate of a selected part from the window.
So what you say makes perfect sense.
RIght now I have presets with matching LFO rates sweeping seperate and different filters and using the same rate for PWM and Sync, pretty intense stuff.
But MASTER or Global rate control sounds heavenly.
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Re: Ganging Performance Controllers

Post by alexg »

We need that !

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Re: Ganging Performance Controllers

Post by sjones »

It would be very nice to be able to adjust multiple parameters with a single control.

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Re: Ganging Performance Controllers

Post by francois »

I'd like to have that feature too.
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