The Proper Instructions For Opening the SOLARIS

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The Proper Instructions For Opening the SOLARIS

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A while back I had gotten the instructions on an old email address on the proper way to open the SOLARIS. Something that sounds like a loose screw or something is rolling around inside my unit - I have been renovating my studio. In any case, I lost the original instructions and while it looks quite trivial I preferred to ask the question on the forum so that we can, hopefully, have the proper answer to refer to here for posterity.

Cables that folks might wish to change include the ribbon-polarity --- if you are a left-hander! So these instructions should be useful. Same for the stuck notes issues.

Looking forward to any reaction.


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Re: The Proper Instructions For Opening the SOLARIS

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Here's my instructions on how to open.

1) First - there are 4 little black screws across the back that are holding down the hinge points of the lid. Take these out first.
2) There are 12 screws holding down the keybed on the bottom - these have to come out.
3) There are 6 screws (3 on each side) on the bottom for the side panel attachment, plus two more that attach the metal piece that blocks the view of the mod wheel area from the low C keyboard.
4) You do not have to unscrew the wood side panels.
5) To open the lid, you have to carefully pull up the top panel AND lift up the keybed at the same time, with the top panel (the right side of the keyboard sits on a small ledge of the side metal piece). Once you have it up, say at 40 degrees angle or so, you can pull the keybed forward and to the left a bit to get it off the mounting edge on the right side of the front....let the keybed down, and finish opening the synth.
6) Make sure you open it slowly, as most likely there may be some cables that get caught on the left side (these are the Wheels cable), plus as you open the top, some cables will pull from the top. These are the keyboard connecting cables, and maybe even the foot pedal PCB cable, and as you really go to open it, the front panel cable that connects to the main, just be careful.
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