v2.0 OS Released!

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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by sal »

Congrats for this exciting release and for the exceptional work involved.
Gladly sent the contribution.
phil smith
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by phil smith »

I'm like you "jgale" : I'm totally disturbed by the new Preset mode with the 2.0 OS which no longer displays the 4 Layers with each their own button ??? 😲 It was really nice to be able to select them "on the fly", right ? I think it's one of the Solaris part of his dna... 🤔 I used Ensoniq for years and I found the 2 Patch Select absolutely great to instantly switch to 4 sound variables ... without using Shift ! ;-)
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by auton »

Sent my contribution sorry I was not able to fully contribute during the beta phase but it's been a f### year :?
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by christeck »

Oh, v2.0 OS is out. Can't resist. Money is on its way (and since I don't use PayPal, thanks for the moneypool option). Appreciation to all involved.
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by cLoudForest »

I haven't kept up with the forum in a long time, so it's an extremely welcome surprise to see OS v2.0 has released upon checking back in! Congrats and huge thanks to everyone that made this happen. Can't wait to dig in to the PM/PD oscillator type.

Happy to kick in my contribution.

Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by damodiggler »

Great news!! well done John and all involved :)

..I'll be glad to see the 'Part' buttons repurposed... I never understood them :lol:
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by minorguy »

This is a very belated post but I guess it's better late then never. Now that version 2.0.1 has been out for a while and the worst of the bugs have been fixed I just wanted to thank all the people who have updated to version 2. I really appreciate your generosity in a time that is tough for most people and when a lot of people have been out of work for a while. I especially want thank to those few people who donated directly to me through PayPal even before version 2 was released! I didn't get the opportunity to personally thank all those people since I didn't have their contact info, only aliases. You know who you are and so I hope you read this and accept my thanks for your generous donations.

Back when I started working on the Solaris John told me that the most requested feature was multi-timbral capability. So it was decided that would be done. But I didn't feel that the existing code as it was originally designed could be made multi-timbral. Also, I had the goal of making the code more modular and more maintainable for the future because it was clear that John saw the Solaris as an ongoing project. So I ended up rewriting most of the non-audio part of Solaris over the three years or whatever it was. I guess my point is to let you know that there's a bit more to the update than the visible changes. Hopefully it will make some of the future work easier. (And just to reiterate from the original post, the PhaseMod/PhaseDistortion oscillator was developed by HrastProgrammer who is also the creator of the Transistow synthesizer.)

That's it for now, thanks again!

Jim Hewes
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by kalaspace »

Thank you a lot :)

I guess for 2K hours of work, and the potential amount of money, you must get something like 1 and 2 $ per hour of work.
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by pinmusica »

If any, thanks to you for all your time and generous and altruistic contribution to our beloved Solaris :)
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

Post by sonix »

I would also like to thank you a lot for significantly expanding this excellent synthesizer under and above the hood!
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