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Rotary Pot feel vs Endless Encoders

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:43 pm
by serena-5
Hello all...
Hopefully this is not too redundant. .One of the things that we synth players love to do is to vary the cutoff in real time...however, endless encoders usually don't allow this (due to the seemingly endless turning to get the same effect). With such a powerful instrument such as the Solaris, can the feel of the encoders be user variable, at least on the filter, and on the ADSR's ??
By the way, I just sold my DSI Prophet '08...maybe my ears are too trained with all the digital stuff out there since the DX-7, but my Solaris sounded more analog on a lot of patches than my Prophet...and WAY BIGGER !! Some of the Moog patches, when slightly detuned w/a 3rd or 4th oscillator...scary FAT !!

Re: Rotary Pot feel vs Endless Encoders

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:32 pm
by John Bowen
Right now the filter cutoff is accelerated to get through the whole range of the filter (12+ octaves) in 2 turns, so quick adjustments can be made. This should work well for varying the cutoff in real time, and also this way you don't have the "endless turning" that you mention (for exactly this reason we made it more accelerated). However, if you do want to have finer control over the cutoff sweep (slower changes, smoother transition), the other choice is to hold down the Shift button, which alternates the acceleration rate of each knob in the synth, and for the filter cutoff, it changes from fast to slow (or coarse to fine) control.

There is a thread discussing how we should implement the Shift Lock that is needed, but this will be in a future OS update. You can read about it here:

Re: Rotary Pot feel vs Endless Encoders

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:58 pm
by serena-5
Actually, I was thinking of being able to adjust the cutoff and resonance full sweep in less than one turn, like analog pots used to be on the Obie and Prophet. Allowing one to change the encoders as needed would be really nice...say, for instance, you only want to affect the cutoff in that fashion, but not the resonance. Food for thought ....