Ultimate Support has soft case/bag that fits Solaris

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Ultimate Support has soft case/bag that fits Solaris

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i've been using Ultimate Support products since i bought their A-frame stand in 1985 to hold a Yamaha DX-7 and Korg Polysix. i can easily say that Ultimate Support have always been my go-to brand for stands. i use thousands of dollars worth of their products every day.

i had been looking around for a soft case to take the Solaris to/from local studios around Los Angeles. nothing at Guitar Center was ever close to fitting the Solaris - not deep enough, not thick enough at the back - except over-sized hard road cases that were way too heavy and bulky.

i was glad to find that Ultimate Support have a soft padded case that fits the Solaris comfortably (see the attached photos below).

it works as a carry bag with attached handle or removable (wide) shoulder strap. there are three external zippered pouches to carry additional stuff. there is also enough room/flex for you to slip some extra foam inside if you think it would help.

the bag is under five pounds in weight but the materials like the fabric, zippers, handle and strap, all feel heavy duty. everything looks well constructed and sewn. i've logged a lot of air miles so i think i have an eye to appreciate decent quality luggage (i normally travel with Tumi or Oakley bags).

even the price of the bag is reasonable. having just sent one up to John Bowen last week, it's the shipping that hurts.

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Re: Ultimate Support has soft case/bag that fits Solaris

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Hello SE…do you have a model number on that bag ?

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