EG6 and the invisible "5th VCA"

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EG6 and the invisible "5th VCA"

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I've had questions over time about how to disconnect EG6 from the VCAs so that you can modulate each VCA separately. I think I have addressed this before, but it's always good to post a refresher note on how the Solaris works.

So, here's the best way to think about it - the Solaris has a "5th VCA" that resides outside of the 4 VCAs that you can see. This 5th VCA controls the overall output of the Solaris, and is necessary for the voice assignment algorithm. There is no user control of this 5th VCA, which is hard-wired to EG6.

To modulate the VCAs from something else, you need to shut down each VCA first. This means setting the VCA Level to 0, then applying the desired Mod Source to each VCA - EG1 to VCA1, EG2 to VCA2, breath control to VCA3, etc.. I did this type of thing for my Preset #37, TaurusBass 2, where I used the Looping EG X values to modulate the VCA.

In addition, however, the EG6 needs to be set to play the sound as well - that is, you will still need the EG6 Sustain level up, since it is also connected to that 'final' VCA that controls the overall output of the synth. EG6 will also need to have the Release time equal or slightly longer than the longest Delay value used for any of the other VCAs, so you can hear each element.

If you would like more details, please post here.

John B.

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