New Global INIT file

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New Global INIT file

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I just wanted to mention this - while we were testing out the v1.3 OS in its development phases, a couple of beta testers reported that the Legato Retrigger was not working when used (primarily in Mono mode). After some research, I determined that their Global INIT file had been corrupted, and so I sent out a 'clean' version for them to use, which solved the problem. All this to say that there is a chance you may also need to update or replace your current Global INIT file. We were not able to determine exactly what may have gotten corrupted in the file, but it definitely fixed the Legato Retrigger issue, so I am posting a clean file here for anyone to download. Remember, however, that you will need to edit it to save your customer System and MIDI settings after installing it.

The Global INIT file is in the Factory folder of your Solaris CF card. It appears as 'glo-ini'. It is saved when you turn the upper rightmost knob when in the System page, which will change the word 'Save ' to 'Active'. Pressing Enter then re-saves your file.

The Global INIT file saves all of the preferences you set in the System and MIDI pages, as well as your foot pedal polarity settings. It is loaded every time you turn on your Solaris. The file that I've posted here has the following settings:

1) foot pedal polarities are set Off
2) LoadBPM and LoadOuts are set On
3) Split is Off
4) Wrap is On
5) MIDI settings - Channel 1, Program Change is On, Omni Off, Local On, NRPN transmit and receive Off, MIDI Control ON, Clock Source is Auto, and Volume Off.

This file comes in a .zip package, and is to be used with v1.3 OS:
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