v2.0 OS Released!

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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

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Congrats for this exciting release and for the exceptional work involved.
Gladly sent the contribution.
phil smith
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

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I'm like you "jgale" : I'm totally disturbed by the new Preset mode with the 2.0 OS which no longer displays the 4 Layers with each their own button ??? 😲 It was really nice to be able to select them "on the fly", right ? I think it's one of the Solaris part of his dna... 🤔 I used Ensoniq for years and I found the 2 Patch Select absolutely great to instantly switch to 4 sound variables ... without using Shift ! ;-)
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Re: v2.0 OS Released!

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Sent my contribution sorry I was not able to fully contribute during the beta phase but it's been a f### year :?
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