v2.0.2 Update now available

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v2.0.2 Update now available

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Our next v2.0 release has been updated, and is now available as v2.0.2. More information at the new Owner’s Portal. If you are a Solaris owner, and have not yet signed up, please do so here: http://owner.johnbowen.com/sign-up.html
John Bowen
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Re: v2.0.2 Update now available

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Changelog for Version 2.0.2:

Fixed the system exclusive reception so that a full preset can be received correctly.
Fixed the reception of keytable data for system exclusive which didn't work at all in the previous version
Fixed the flash updating process that uses the doFlash.txt method. The updating worked but the display did not show the progress.
The number of voices in a part no longer needs to be reduced in one part before adding them to another part. Instead, when increasing the number of voices in a part they are automatically removed from another part if needed. Voices are taken from the part in which the Voices parameter was least recently changed.
Added a page to edit the arpeggiator pattern.
Fixed a bug in the sequencer when swing is used. Sometimes a sequence would start out with the first note being the swing note instead of the second.
The behavior of the arp Pattern parameter is changed. When the Pattern is set to a value of 1 of higher, a pattern file is not immediately loaded but rather the Enter LED starts blinking. If the Enter button is pressed the pattern file is loaded and the Pattern parameter automatically reverts to "Preset" (formerly called "User"). Presets are always saved with the Pattern parameter set to "Preset" which is essentially zero.
Fixed a bug in which the number of voices in parts are not set correctly when a part is copied.
Fixed a bug in which the sequencer mode is not correct after a part is copied.
Fixed a bug in which the LoadOuts system parameter was not being applied when loading version 2 presets. The output sources were always being loaded regardless of the LoadOuts setting.
Fixed a sequencer bug where two or more parts had sequences enabled. In all but the first part, the first step of the sequence played quickly and went to the second step too soon.
Fixed a bug where sequencer track values to the DSP were not reset when the number of part voices were changed. So the first note of sequences could end up being wrong after changing a part's numVoices parameter.
The arp pattern parameter now has choices to save and load arp pattern files. Set the Pattern parameter to Load or Save and press Enter.
When saving pattern files a name can be specified. This is not the file name but a name that can be seen when loading.
When loading pattern files you can choose whether to load the pattern + parameters or just the pattern.
You can load files saved with version 1.x OS. These will be shown with the name (ver 1). Empty slots are shown with the name (empty).
Number entry previously displayed on the bottom line now opens up a dialog window to enter the numbers.
When adjusting a parameter the description and value of the parameter was previously shown on the bottom line. Now it is shown in a small window near the bottom and disappears after a couple of seconds.
Status messages were previously displayed on the bottom line. They are now shown in a window in the center of the display and disappear after a couple of seconds.
When in edit mode, the bottom line now shows the name of the currently loaded preset on most pages.
When the CF card is not installed there's now a small indicator "C" on the bottom line to the left of the page number.
Fixed a bug in which leaving the Arp page 1 while the Enter LED was blinking did not stop the LED from blinking.
Fixed a bug on the Arp pattern save page in which the destination could not be changed for parts 2, 3, or 4.
The Arp save page now tells you which Arp you're saving. The previous version did not, so if you changed the current part while on this page it was confusing.
Parameter descriptions are no longer shown for parameters being edited in the graphics display.
In the parameter descriptions, the prefix P1:, P2:, P3:, or P4: is only shown if the current page is not the same as the part being edited. This can happen when editing with the data wheel or inc/dec buttons. This is meant to reduced clutter. But those prefixes are always shown when using the performance knobs.
The parameter descriptions that appear when using the performance knobs now show the effective value of the parameter with the performance offset added. Not the static value of the parameter.
When multiple performance knobs refer to the same parameter their values are now added together to get the value applied to the parameter. (Though why you would want to assign the same parameter to multiple knobs I don't know.)
Added support for copying the following objects: Vector, Amplitude Modulation, Keytables, Sequencer tracks A, B, C, and D.
Added clock sync to envelopes.
Fixed a bug in which canceling a copy operation by pressing a button that's not a valid destination left the display group with no LEDs lit although the current module LED should be lit.
Added Latch mode to the arpeggiator.

In Latch mode you can press keys and release them and notes will continue to play in the order pressed. The Hold button does not work like in other modes. When the Hold button is enabled in Latch mode, you can enter a new arpeggio "silently". Then when you disable the Hold button that new arpeggio will be swapped in at the start of the cycle. You can clear an arpeggio by enabling and disabling the Hold button without entering any notes. It will stop at the end of the cycle.
Latch mode allows you to enter the same note more than once. You can use this to enter duplicate notes for other modes.

Changed the way modules are copied.

To copy a module, you press and hold a module's button for a couple of seconds. Then the parameters for that module are copied to a buffer, the LED blinks for a couple of seconds and a status message is displayed. You can then shift-press a destination module's button to paste the parameters to a destination module. Copying the parameters to a buffer allows you to copy-and-paste between parts and even between presets. Additional modules can now be copied which include the arpeggiator, looping EG, envelope follower, ribbon, and each of the four effects.

When switching to the Arp module from a different module it now always goes to page 1/2. (Because this is where you'll want to go almost all the time.) Now to get to page 2/2 you first have to go to page 1/2 and then hit page down.
While in arpeggiator Latch mode and with Hold OFF you can now hold down keys and switch the mode to a different one and the held keys will continue to play in the new mode. Keys not held will be removed.
The ArpTrans function (in the Assign button) works with the arpeggiator Latch mode.

In arpeggiator Latch mode the ArpTrans can be active whether the Hold button is enabled or not. When ArpTrans is active the Hold button has no effect. That is, when Hold is ON a new arpeggio is not entered but rather the keyboard is used to transpose the current arpeggio. When Hold is switched OFF nothing happens. No new arpeggio is transferred.

When a preset is saved the edit buffer is now copied to the compare buffer, so now when Compare is enabled it compares with the last loaded preset OR the last saved preset, whichever is more recent.
When copying parts the way that voices are allocated is different. Two voices are always left in the source parts and the remaining voices are given to the destination part. Except in the case when the source part has only two voices, both source and destination parts are given two voices and two voices may be stolen from one of the other two parts if necessary.
When entering arp octave and arp and sequencer length parameters using the numpad the resulting parameter value is now correctly shown as the value the user entered. (Rather than off by one.)
Renamed the arpeggiator pattern steps from Volume to Velocity.
The LED above the Enter button will now blink when browsing to a preset that is not the current preset.
When browsing parts to import, the LED above the Enter button will now blink even when the browsed preset has the same name as the current preset. (It was previously based only on the preset names rather than the preset numbers.)
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