Learning Curve?

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Learning Curve?

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Hello all,

I am contemplating purchasing a Solaris OLED keyboard version.

My strength is in playing a keyboard but my weakness is with technology (somewhat).
I do understand basics such as waves, envelopes, filters etc but that’s about it.

I am concerned about the leaning curve. Can current owners kindly advise if this is a do-able learning curve and is the manual detailed enough for me to work my way through it and learn as I go?

Thank you!

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Re: Learning Curve?

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Manuals contains all necessary stuff.
User interface is fluid, so there is not really a "learning curve".

Solaris has a very chirurgical approach, and playing skill will help you a lot,
because you will be able to calibrate your sound personnally with your playing taste.

It is more difficult to know what you want than doing it !
(Lot of users would like the "experimental" approach,
but you will have better results with a precise goal)

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