v1.3.0 OS released

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v1.3.0 OS released

Post by John Bowen »

I am really excited to announce our first major OS update in quite a while - v1.3 is released today!

To install, copy this file into your OS folder on your Solaris CF card, and delete the old file there named 'solaris.raw'. Then rename the new file the same - 'solarisos.raw'. For easiest installation, open the text file there called 'doFlash.txt', and change the 0 to 1. Close this file, and eject your CF card properly (otherwise, you may cause an error on the card).

With power off, insert the CF card into your Solaris, and turn on. You will see after some seconds that the Load FLASH routine starts, and gives an indication of the progress. Once it is done, you will see the message to reboot the synth.

And that is it!

You can make sure of the installed version by looking on page 4 of the Home pages.

This update addresses 40 bugs that have been there for a long time. The most significant changes are:

1) MIDI Clock sync with the External clock completely rewritten
2) The Voice Manager was redone to take care of various "stuck note" problems
3) The sustain pedal interaction when playing has been completely cleaned up.
4) Sample load and loop points now fixed.
5) Several other MIDI issues fixed - joystick received, CC64 sustain received, Bank & Program select now fully implemented.
6) Acceleration of knobs for large range parameter values (such as cutoff) greatly improved.
7) Numerous other improved operations.

For MIDI Clock parameter, added is a new clock source option "Auto". When set to Auto, the Solaris will follow an external clock if one is detected. If no external clock is seen for at least 500ms, the Solaris switches to using the internal clock. The internal clock will be set to the same rate as the external clock was when it discontinued. When set to "Auto" and the Solaris is using the internal clock, no MIDI clocks are sent out. MIDI clocks are only sent out when the clock source is set to "Send".

Also, the "LocalOff" parameter of the global section is now renamed to "Local". So "Local : On" is now equivalent to "LocalOff: Off". Although the effect of On/Off is now the opposite, you don't need to re-save your global file. If you were previously set to "LocalOff: Off" it should come up as "Local : On" after updating.

Quite a few other tweaks and adjustments were done - all in all, 40 of the 60 bugs listed (or 2/3rds of the bugs!) Jim has addressed. I will post a full list later.

I hope you enjoy this new operating system update. We are totally indebted to Jim Hewes (posting in the Forum as 'minorguy) for all of the hard work to get this update done, and in only 5 weeks' time!

Please let him know how much you appreciate his efforts - all done on his own time, for free!

MANY THANKS to you, Jim!!
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by synthwalker »

Rename minorguy MAJORGUY !

PS : also freeze on boot and sample index are now fixed...
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by F5D »

Good news indeed! Thank you so much both James and Jim!
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by Analog 80 »

Great improvement for this fantastic Synth.
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by jgale »

Great update for this already awesome synth. THANK YOU JIM!!!
Patate le mgae
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by Patate le mgae »

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

My SOLARIS stays in sync with ableton.
And more than that it's a clever sync : if i change the tempo on ableton it stays in sync but with no phase effect as other gear i own.

JIM , you are the one.

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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by NeoProg »

My best synth ever just became even better :D :D :D

Thank you Jim.
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by scope4live »

Install was easy, lots of samples loaded well too.
Thanks Jim and John..
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by aumwer »

Thanks to all involved on this update.
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by chapolin »

Thanks Jim and Jhon :D
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by wsequeira »

Thank you guys, fantastic!
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by Tonefloat16 »

Thanks Jim, glad to know that the Solaris is being supported now!
Gives me hope for the future and features like Multitimbral support!!
Thanks for your time!!
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by niversen »

Thank you! Greatly appreciated!
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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by BillySynth »

Indeed, greatly appreciated Jim, and thanks John.

Thanks J and J.

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Re: v1.3 OS released

Post by reno »

Jim, you're awesome !

John, glad to see you've apparently been able to sort source code / IP issues with Sonic Core.
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