New OS Update - 1.4.4

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New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by John Bowen »

Work continues to update the Solaris OS. Released today is v1.4.4, and here are the changes since 1.4.3:

1) Added additional labels and User 1 through User 10 to category filter choices.
2) The preset names and categories for all banks are now cached in memory, not just the current bank.
3) While browsing presets, the name and categories of the browsed-to preset are now shown on the status line for all three pages.
4) Fixed a bug in which the preset page 1 and 2 sometimes may not show the correct preset name when the category filter is on.
5) Fixed a bug in which the data wheel would change the program number but not the preset name when the category filter is on.
6) Fixed a bug in which incoming MIDI messages for program change, note on, note off, and aftertouch were echoed back out to MIDI. This could cause problems with MIDI loops.
7) When a bank/program change message is received over MIDI that is the same number as the current preset, the Solaris no longer reloads the preset.
8 ) Fixed a bug in which incoming MIDI aftertouch was not correctly passed on to the slave unit when polychain is on.
9) When first booted the Solaris would sometimes output a volume change or aftertouch message over MIDI. This is fixed.
10) A Bank Select message received over MIDI (by itself) no longer interferes with the bank currently browsed to.
11) When the category filter is on, preset names for the current bank are loaded and cached in the background at 10 per second until all 128 are loaded. (This is slower than the maximum speed possible to allow the UI to be responsive.) Once loaded they stay in memory until the Solaris is turned off. When the category filter is off, the preset names are not loaded in the background but they are loaded and cached one at a time as needed while browsing.

After the file is unzipped (which may happen automatically), you should see a file named ‘solarisos_v1.4.4.raw’. You need to change the name to ’solarisos.raw’. The Solaris will only recognize the file name solarisos.raw. Place this in your OS folder on your CF card. You can also edit the text file called ‘doFlash.txt’ so that it is a 1, not a 0. Once you have done these 2 things, insert the CF card into your Solaris and turn it on. you will see the progress in the center display and a message to reboot once it is done.
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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by auton »

Hi John - Thanks for the continuing support.

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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4


Hi John!
Thank you very much for this new release.


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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by dingebre »

Best support anywhere! Thank you John.


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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by niversen »

Thanks for another useful update! Applied to #142.

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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by poupouye »

Thanks for this great job ! :)

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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by chapolin »

Thanks :)

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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by Oehi »

I just came across the latest OS. It is definitely great to see how the Solaris is maintained. Great work. Thank you so much, John.

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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by jgale »

Thanks for another great update Jim & John!

I've been busy refurbishing an OBX that I bought late last year and am just getting back to my Solaris. It's great to see the ongoing support for this great synth!


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Re: New OS Update - 1.4.4

Post by bennethos »

This is great, this is used to be my biggest concern years ago. Namely buying a synth which would lack firmware support and be riddled with bugs. My gut instinct always told me it would not come that far as the solaris is clearly a product of love for John.

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