Zarg Music plug-ins that give you .vxd errors

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Zarg Music plug-ins that give you .vxd errors

Post by John Bowen »

Yes, we have a solution! Unbeknownst to me (or at least I don't recall being told), there are some 64-bit files one needs to install. Here's the information (courtesy of Gary B.):

"I was speaking to John Bowen and he informed me of problems with Solaris and Quantum Wave. He didn't realize that we had made 64bit sys files (they go in Scope\app\sys). the 32bit sys files are the reason for VXD and other errors in Zarg synths in 64bit windows.

The files are here: ... ions/Zarg/ "

Gary goes on to explain:

"John doesn't need to upgrade the device. the sys file allows access to the computer's resources such as ram and cpu cycles. the plugin already points to those files, so it's just the 64bit version you need.

The vxd files aren't even used in windows 7. it's sys files that do the same job. the warning message is generic, a relic of windows 98. in windows 7, the plugin will use sys instead of vxd.

however, in windows 7, to access those resources, Scope must be run "as administrator". to run Scope "as administrator", right click on the Scope icon on the desktop and choose "run as administrator". a warning message will pop up asking if it's ok for Scope to make changes to the system. you MUST answer "yes".

to make Scope always run in administrator mode, right click on the Scope icon and choose "properties". on the "shortcut" tab choose "advanced". on the advanced properties page put a check in the box for "run as administrator". you should get the warning message everytime you start Scope, and you must answer "yes" every time."
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Re: Zarg Music plug-ins that give you .vxd errors

Post by Spielraum »

thank´s for your info,
and now, i have a dream, devices ready to xite-1
- rd drum ~ crash
- sequencertools only on DSP2? devices to big for one DSP...
... i look forward :roll:
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