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Prowave 1.2

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:11 am
by scope4live
Of course a mention of this awesome synth must be made.

This is a great live synth, as it has all of the quality Filters and Oscillators for that great sound, but due to it's design and ease of use, it is great for live work as it's presets load much faster than Q and Solaris.

Since we will be seeing new hardware for these synths, will the presets load quicker with all of that extra power? I already know that hardware Solaris will be quite snappy, but will the soft version, and your other synths have this ability?

I can wait and find out for myself, but that is torturous.

The thought of having my favorite synths all loaded w/ big poly counts in one live project is making me feverish.

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 7:09 pm
by scope4live
Well having Prowave to use live has been a pleasure for sure. It was a great way to get the Bowen sound w/o having to use Solaris live as I don't have the luxury to load and wait on most gigs.

But I was just starting to forget about Prowave when Brotha' Man Tau sent me a great preset from Portugal with Prowave Modular, RDII Modulues and SpaceF satellities.

It's scary. It can only get 5 voices on a 15 DSP card, but when XITE-1 comes to town, I have got to start using this again, as I've been in Solaris and QWave land lately.

Prowave BTW, is a great VA by itself and the sample Osxcillators can ad many unique timbres, but Prowavr Modular actually has a leg up now on many synths available.

Hat's Off Brotha' Man JB. 8)