Playing 24 custom presets

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Playing 24 custom presets

Post by kalaspace »

Playing 24 custom patches for John Bowen Solaris
1 Pad Analog (try to made my best for something analog)
2 Pad Vintage (variation of 1 more shiny less delay)
3 Synth Pluck MW (lots of feedback for filter decay)
4 Pad Lush (lots of feedback for the best lush the solaris can make)
5 Stabs Synth (mixing different saw for the pleasure of jump :) )
6 Pad Choirotor (using rotor to have stereo on jaws)
7 Synth Crazy Vox (Very Nord Style Agressive)
8 Pad Oh Yeah (Pad Saying Oh Yeah :) )
9 Bass Cool (1 oscillator, no filter !)
10 Lead Moog Soft (an easy moog lead)
11 Lead Synth Drive (between sync lead and overdrive)
12 Synth WT Comb SH (sh lfo on wavetables)
13 Synth WT Comb EG (variation of 12 using xy env)
14 Synth SH Vox (complex usage of vocal by sh lfo)
15 Pad SH Vox (Variation of 14 using xy env)
16 Keys WT Guitar (wanted to do a piano with wavetable but ...)
17 Lead B (playing with feedback to find a sweet spot)
18 FX Turn Joy XY (complex modulation to have fun with joystick)
19 Keys Piano Best (I try my best to have a realist piano sound)
20 Pad Parallax (4 Obie filter in parallel)
21 FX SH Vocal (sh osc with feedback in vocal filter ! :) )
22 Pad Paraclass (4 LP4 filter in parallel)
23 Pad Parahold (4 Comb filter in parallel)
24 Keys Moog Gt MW (wanted a fat moog sound without to much drive)

John Bowen
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Re: Playing 24 custom presets

Post by John Bowen »

Everyone should check out this set of sounds - there’s some really wonderful patches in there! Thanks for posting!!

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Re: Playing 24 custom presets

Post by minorguy »

Great sounds, every one of them! I really like these presets. Everyone who may be considering a Solaris should give these a listen.
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Re: Playing 24 custom presets

Post by gundorf »

would you consider to share them?
Great Work!!

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