Factory Presets v4.1

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Factory Presets v4.1

Post by John Bowen »

Presets 4.1.zip
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Bank3 update.zip
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This is a slight update to the previous Factory Preset v4.0, adding in 45 new presets from Stephen Hummel (Subtractive Lad). It also updates some pedal settings in Bank0.

There are two files - the entire Factory set, or just Stephen’s new presets added to Bank3. You can download just Bank3 if you only want to replace that.

Many thanks to Stephen for his work! Here are some notes he provided:

Hello Solaris users! Thanks for your interest in my presets.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when exploring these new patches:

- Most of the patches are "keys" or "pads"... just what I wanted to explore this time. I have many synths that can do leads and basses so I wanted to really explore the polyphonic side of the Solaris.

- Almost every patch makes extensive use of the joystick controller. In some cases the joystick will yield subtle shifts in timbre and in other cases the results will be dramatic or more extreme.

- I like to use the mod-wheel/dedicated vibrato control subtly on most patches. Bring it up just past zero at first and then play with it to find the sweet spot that you like. I use it more to gently animate the frequencies in a way that is felt but not always immediately apparent.

- Almost every patch also allows for the ribbon to control various parameters (different for each patch). With these presets, I tended to go for a linear, left to right approach. The far left of the ribbon will be subtle and things will get more modulated as you move to the right.

- Some presets make use of velocity and aftertouch control. I used these controls where it made sense to me, depending on the patch. A few patches use aftertouch as a way to pitch-bend down slightly, allowing for a smeared/shoegazey kind of effect.

I hope you enjoy these new patches and make some beautiful music with them!

Stephen Hummel
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Re: Factory Presets v4.1

Post by josebasse »

Many thanks to you, Stephen!! Great Job, great pleasure to play with it.
éternel apprenti..!mais je m´ accroche! ;-)
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Re: Factory Presets v4.1

Post by nachtsmeer »

:D Many thanks to Stephen for his work :)
I know how time consuming but FUN it is to build weird pads using joystick, ribbon and mod wheels
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