How to add or update your Preset files

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How to add or update your Preset files

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I was recently asked for the basic steps it takes to install new Press banks. Here’s what I wrote...

Once you have connected your CF card to your computer, and you have the new preset banks you want to install:

1) Open the Presets folder on your CF Card. You will see a number of Bank folders, numbered in numerical order - Bank0, Bank1, Bank2, etc.

2) Note the highest numbered Bank folder you have. Let's say it's Bank6.

3) Go to where you have the new Preset banks to load. You will need to rename them to follow the highest bank number you currently have in your Presets folder. In our example with Bank6, the next number would be Bank7, then Bank8, Bank9, Bank10, etc.

4) once you have all of the Bank folders renamed, you can drag and drop them into the Presets folder on your CF card.

And that's it! (Don't forget to eject your CF card properly if on a Mac!)

The main thing is that the Solaris requires the bank numbers to be successive - no missing numbers are allowed.
So, you should NOT have it as Bank6, Bank7, Bank9....

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