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Factory Preset Templates

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To help in getting started with making presets, I'm going to post a number of INIT Preset files to match different applications. These templates will include:

1) "Prophet 5" Setup - 2 osc, 1 filter
Prophet 5 Template.zip
You must rename this file to a numbered preset name for Solaris to be able to read it. Examples: p1.pre, p12.pre, p111.pre, etc.
(1.15 KiB) Downloaded 714 times
2) "Minimoog" setup - 3 osc, 1 filter
3) "Prophet VS" setup - 2 osc, 1 filter
4) "Waldorf" wavetable setup - 2 osc, 1 filter
5) Rotor, 1 filter
6) 1 osc Sample playback, 1 filter
7) 4 osc Sample playback, split across the keyboard, 1 filter and 4 filter versions

and others, etc.

The current INIT preset comes with the Arpeggiator and Sequencer set to working right away.

Other templates will be developed as the need arises, and by user suggestion.

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