Comb II Filter

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Comb II Filter

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The RD II Modules are great additions for a Bowen synth.

Everynight I make different presets, usually one or two after a couple of hours of experimenting.

It's really nice to take a break in performing and spend time creating.

I used the Comb II last night w/ a quality SlapBack Delay and was amazed at how Solaris and Prowave can sound like a whole new synth with each preset.

This makes owning one of these synths a real treat as it not only can emulate just about every type of subtractive analog synthesis, but digital, and hybrid as well.

Just tweaking the envelopes while using the Comb II has so many variations of sound. From a giant Bullfrog, or Foghorn on a Tugboat, to futuristic giant insects and Wasps.

Really unique. :idea:
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