SP/DIF to AES/EBU Converter

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SP/DIF to AES/EBU Converter

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I saw a way to do this as a DIY thingamajig, but I bought the Hosa converter so Solaris can run directly into the XITE-1 w/o using the Analog I/O's.
To think of how good it sounds like this makes me even more feverish when the signal is 100% Digital.
I shall report back in s few days and have a recording to see how this puppy sounds.
I already have a nice Tape Sat Modular Patch with the Scope DSP Psycho Acoustic Plug on the outputs post Tape Sat and it sounds really sweet.
The Boost on Solaris is cool but seems like a Mid-range boost, so now I have a Tape Sat boost with controls over Highs, Mids and Lows, as well as Gain make up, stereo imaging and Comp/Limiter. PsyQ-X is a really phenominal plug in.

Anyways Solaris is better than sex, and I love fine trim....
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