How to get finer resolution when dialing up parameter values

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How to get finer resolution when dialing up parameter values

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I had a owner write me today asking how he could get certain tempos when adjusting the BPM knob in the Arp section. Noting that this moved by increments of 5, I wrote him the following response, which I think will be helpful to others here in the community:

Whenever you have a situation with a parameter where it seems you cannot get finer resolution, just either hold down the Shift button and turn the knob, or, after turning the knob slightly, use the alpha dial (above the Enter button) to always get the finest resolution possible for the selected parameter.

And finally - you can also use the numeric keypad to enter specific values, or Inc/Dec to step one by one through values.

In cases where you use the alpha dial, numeric keypad, or Inc/Dec buttons, you have to first tell the Solaris which parameter you want to change, and this means you have to first turn the knob under the displays for that parameter .

I hope this helps your understanding of the Solaris a bit more!

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