Jog Wheel not working since OS upgrade

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Jog Wheel not working since OS upgrade

Post by oopfoo »

I have recently upgraded to the latest OS (1.3.1), and since that moment, my jog wheel does not seem to work properly. In the self-test, all encoders respond normally, except the jog wheel. The display shows the values 1 and 2 only, next to the "Counter:" legend, and seems to flash a bit when the jog wheel is turned in either direction. The jog wheel test does NOT clear, and the test does not progress.

For what it's worth, the jog wheel worked fine prior to the upgrade, the synth has NOT been moved, and nothing untoward otherwise seems to have happened.

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Re: Jog Wheel not working since OS upgrade

Post by minorguy »

Can you revert back to your previous version to see if the wheel starts working again? What was your previous version number?
If that works, try updating to 1.3.1 again---perhaps something happened during the first update process.
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