Naming of Presets and Banks as of 1.4.2

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Naming of Presets and Banks as of 1.4.2

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I've had a number of questions about the previous “strict” way of naming presets and banks. I thought I would post the changes that happened back in v1.4.2 just to make sure everybody was aware of them. Here’s Jim’s notes:

Rules for preset files

Preset files can now contain a middle part to provide a descriptive name. An example of the format is:

p0.JB Rotor Dreams.pre

In this case, the Solaris will load any file that starts with "p0." and ends with ".pre" as preset 0. Uppercase or lower case is allowed. The middle text between the two periods doesn't matter for loading purposes.

When saving from the Solaris, a preset will be saved with the middle part the same as the preset name entered by the user. However, characters that are invalid in the file system will be replaced by the space character. Also, trailing space characters are removed. If a preset name contains only invalid characters and spaces, or contains only spaces, then the filename will be "pnn.pre" where nn is the preset number. (i.e. not "pnn..pre") Invalid characters are: / ? < > \ : * | "

The user may manually rename the middle part of the file and it will still be loaded. However, upon saving again the name will be overwritten to the default.

Note that you cannot rename the presets via the computer to actually create the new name. It must be saved from the Solaris.

You may have multiple files in the same folder that begin with the same preset number "pnn." and end with ".pre". In this case, the file that actually gets loaded to the Solaris is undefined.

NOTE! When saving a preset with preset number nn, all files that begin with "pnn." and end with ".pre" in the same folder will be deleted. Be aware of this if you want to retain backup copies of preset files in the same folder. It is recommended that you append those files with ".bak" or some similar change.
The purpose of deleting these extra files is to simplify the situation. First, it avoids a collision when the Solaris wants to save a preset and there is already a file with that name. Second, it helps to avoid the case when the user has multiple files that begin with "pnn." and end with ".pre" and the file actually being loaded is not the one expected. (And this generates a customer support call!)

Bank Folder Names

- Bank folder names must begin with the four characters "Bank". The case doesn't matter.
- This must be followed by a number consisting of from one to three digits. The number must be within the range 0 to 127. Leading zeros are fine as long as there are no more than three digits total.
- This may optionally be followed by a period and then additional text. The additional text may be anything and is ignored.
- The total length of the bank folder name cannot exceed 80 characters or it will be ignored.
- The bank folder must contain a subfolder named "Patch" or it will be ignored.
- Bank numbers no longer need to begin at Bank 0 and no longer need to be consecutive.

Examples of valid names:

Bank0.John Bowen
Bank14.My presets

Examples of invalid names which will be ignored:

Bank128 (bank number too high)
Bank0064 (more than three digits)
Bank25_Really_great_sounds (25 is not immediately followed by a period)

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